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Straw Hat Video How To Straw Hat Class
Video by D.L. Cavagnaro

*How to dye, block & size straw
*Decorating and trimming
*Making a brim
*Sew in a sweatband
*How to edge the brim

Order # VID V236 US
$30.00 USD

Out of Stock

(We also have this video- PAL formatted for play in Europe/Asia)
Order # VID V236 EU
$30.00 USD

Out of Stock

Click on the link below for the book

Book $29.95

The Theatre de la Mode

Order # VID V521 VHS
$39.95 USD

Order # VID V521 DVD
$45.00 USD

The Theatre of Fashion...A must for your library!It was winter of 1944-45, just after the Liberation of Paris. World War II still raged. To raise funds for the French war relief and to help Paris regain its role as fashion capital, the Paris couture house including the greatest names such as Balenciaga, Schiaparelli, Lavin... and over forty others, created a unique exhibition of 200 petite wire mannequins clothed in the latest fashions and displayed in miniature theatre sets. It was called the Theatre de la Mode. The exhibition toured Europe and the U.S. raised millions of francs for the war relief and established Paris as capital of fashion.The story is vividly told by many who originally created the exhibition, and by Leslie Caron, Jean Marais, Christian Lacroix, Hubert De Givenchy, Helene Rochas, Bill Blass and Rosamond Bernier. Shot on location in Paris, the video combines oral recollections with rare archival film of the war and post-war eras, of the original exhibition and of fashion in the 1940's. (Today's designers should take heed.)The documentary tells the fascination story of the Theatre de la Mode...how it was lost for 45 years and then rediscovered and restored. An exciting glimpse of Paris and French fashion in 1945-46...on the eve of Christian Dior's New Look.The exhibition is now housed at the Maryhill Museum which is located near Hats by Leko.

#1 - Building a large brimmed Victorian hat. Step-by-step procedure on hat frame making using buckram and millinery wire.

Out of Stock

#2 - Trimming a Victorian hat. Demonstration on covering a hat frame and trimming with different products.

Out of Stock

#4 - Building a lady's turn-of-the-century skirt and cape the easy way. Quick steps on cutting, sewing and trimming a lovely skirt and cape.

Out of Stock

"The Costume Workshop"

An award winning T.V.  Series on Costume Making with Host
Bonnie Holt Ambrose

DVD's - $24.95 USD
Available Now!

#5 - Building a Victorian wedding dress from a resale dress. Salvaging the best parts of a "1970" wedding dress to design and construct a new dress.

Out of Stock

#7 - Trimming the Victorian wedding dress and making a veil. Adding the finishing touches and making a flower and net veil from scratch.

Out of Stock

"If we wore more hats we would not have to have so much Prozac," milliner (hat-maker) Blythe Savage declares in this lighthearted documentary about hats and the people who wear them. By mingling at gatherings of hat wearers around the country, filmmaker Andee Kinzy reveals the secret world that a woman enters when she dons a chapeau. The film takes an amusing romp through a previously unexplored fashion accessory as charismatic individuals uncap the power, prestige and confidence that comes when you place a piece of your personality on your head.
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