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LEKO Sizing & Stiffeners

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Helpful Hint: It is always good to use clear glue.  To Remove Excess Glue... Cover the spot with tissue paper and press with a hot dry iron.  The effect is that the heat melts the glue and for some unknown reason- the tissue paper absorbs it and does not cling to the fabric or iron.  Try the method on a test piece of fabric, felt or straw to see if it will work for you.  Works only with tissue wrapping paper (suggest white).

SDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) PDF file

Avoid high temperatures in storage.

This product is a high tech break through!!!
Made to be shipped overseas!!!

Click Here for a Recipe

This stiffener is very similar to our Felt Stiffener but is in powdered form and can be shipped overseas. So all you people who have been calling me from different countries asking for the felt stiffener...we haven't forgotten you.

Hydrolac B-5 Powder is a Resin Base (Shellac) as is our Felt Stiffener but this can be mixed with water..yes I said water. But I must tell you I have a customer who mixed it with rubbing alcohol so that it will evaporated quickly. She says it works. (This is still here say and it is not backed by the Manufacturer if you use it this way.) It was made to be used with water. Either way it is the same base as our Felt (all purpose) Stiffener which has been reconstituted so that we can ship it overseas. If you are in the USA or Canada order the Felt (all purpose) Stiffener. Outside of North America, this is for you.

Order # SIZE Hydro
Hats By Leko: Guarenteed lowest prices at these quantities!
We reserve the right to combine your order into 1 Larger Bag for shipping purposes.

1.58732 oz. (45grams)
1-2 Uses
Price: $3.00 USD
1 Pound
10-15 Uses
Price: $39.00 USD
5 Pounds
50-75 Uses
Price: $190.00 USD
10 Pounds
100+ Uses
Price: $350.00 USD

Please note:  Hydrolac B5 was made to be used with water only by the manufacturer.  Using it with Alcohol is your personal choice, many like to add alcohol because it helps it dry faster, but is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Please note:  That the recipe varies per how stiff you wish your hat to be, number of uses is not set in stone.


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Gelatin Sizing Sale

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Most new milliners are being trained to use the Sizing's below  because it is non-toxic.
Non-hazardous, water soluble for straw and felt.  Leko's pick for stiffening parisisals.
Can be shipped overseas!

$19.95 USD per lb.
$17.95 USD per lb. for 5 lbs.
$15.95 USD per lb. for 10 lbs.
$13.00 USD per lb. for 50 lbs.

Order# SIZE Gelatin


  1. Dissolve 1/2 cup Gelatin with 6 cups hot water. or   1. Put dissolved gel into spray bottle &
  2. Soak and stir body for 1 minute.                                  spray onto hat.
  3. Let body dry
  4. While blocking hat/spray lightly                         or    2. Mix up quantity as needed only.
  5. Steam well
  6. Dry thoroughly                                                        3. Refrigerate or freeze as needed
Gelatine Hat Sizing Microwave Instructions
This recipe for
20 plus hats if applied light or
10 plus hats if applied heavy.
Amounts may vary greatly.
  2 tablespoons gelatine
Add 3/4 cup boiling water, stir
Microwave until disolved, mix.
Add  3/4 cup cold water,  stir
  Pour into a spray bottle.(available at most grocery stores).  Spray onto straw, inside and out
before blocking. For heavy application spray again after blocked.
For felt, spray on the inside only before steaming and blocking.  If spraying a double velour wipe into plush with a clean dry cloth.  Brush velour after blocking while still damp on the block to avoid an uneven look.  Hats By Leko has white felt brushes available for light colored felts and black brushes for dark colored felts.

LEKO All Purpose Stiffener
(LEKO Felt Hat Stiffener)


Order# SIZE Felt Stf Gal
$44.50 USD per gallon (no flammable surcharge)

Please choose USA or Canada for your shipping destination.

Order# SIZE Felt Stf Gal
$44.50 USD per gallon (no flammable surcharge)

Tip: Shipping costs for 2 Gallons is similar to shipping costs for 4 gallons.   1 package for the case vs. 2 packages for the single gallons.

Tip: If you need a case of 4 gallons, just order 4 gallons and I will pack them into a case for you.


SDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

USA or Canada Only

Our Customers have found that our Felt Stiffener works for Stiffening Straw hats too! Try purchasing a quart and pouring it into a garden spray bottle that you get at your local grocery store. Spray it on your straw and let us know what you think. Most come back for the Gallon of Felt Stiffener, more aptly called All Purpose Stiffener.

Nobody in the women's hat industry has had a felt hat stiffener in decades that penetrates felt without leaving a residue, until now.

Hats By Leko

Canada Customers: You must supply us with your own UPS Ground # in order for us to ship this item.  We are sorry we have to institute this rule because too many customers are not paying their duty.

NOTE:  LEKO All Purpose Stiffener can only be shipped UPS Ground, therefore all your other items will also be shipped UPS Ground regardless of the shipping method you chose.  If you need other items sooner, please submit 2 orders.


We can ship Felt hat Stiffener to Canada as ORM-D (consumer commodity) by the quart or by the gallon or by the 4 gallon case.  All go ORM-D to Canada with no extra flammable charges.

This product, before mixed with 190 proof alcohol, is used in candy as confectioners glaze and on fruit to make them shine. Water Resistant! Many Customers are using this product for stiffening straw, too.

Directions Felt hat stiffener will restore an already stiffened hat or can be used  on a new felt hat body.  Felt hat stiffener will shower proof your felt hat and if used in a fuller degree water proof it.

1.) Please make sure that hat is clean and dry before applying LekoFelt Hat Stiffener.
2.) Pour a sufficient amount into a small dish and with a soft flat painters brush apply evenly on the inside of the crown first and thenon the upper and/or underside of the brim.
3.) After the application, wipe the hat with a soft cloth and then let dry.
4.) Then put it on the block and steam and finish in the usual way.

These directions are just a guide. Many milliners prefer to block their hat first and then when dry apply light applications of sizing letting itdry between applications until desired stiffness is achieved.NOTE: if the hat seems a little too stiff in some parts where the  stiffener has not been applied evenly, saturate a piece of soft cloth with ordinary alcohol and go over such parts smoothly. This will give an even effect.


Old Hat Spray Hat Stiffener
All Purpose Sizing

SDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Sold In USA Only
Shipping by UPS Ground ONLY

We have brought back this stiffener for the die hard milliners who don't wish to change to a healthier product that works better. 

Please note the warnings on the label: Vapor Harmful:.... Danger! Extremely Flammable Caution!...

Warning! Avoid Breathing..

Order # SIZE Spray E
Price: one can   $16.50 USD (for one can)

Order # SIZE Spray D
Price: per case  $192.00 USD (12 cans per case!)


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