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Notions by Leko

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Needle Plyers  

4 1/2 Inch Long Nose Cut Pliers,
spring action, vinyl grips.

$7.50 each

# Tools Needle Plyers

Pin Pusher

Pin Pusher, magnetic.

$6.00 each

# Tools Pin Pusher


Adjustable Baseball Cap Snaps

Material:  Plastic

Color:  Black

Notion Adj Strap BLK 1    $1.00 ea.
Notion Adj Strap BLK 12  $0.75 ea
Notion Adj Strap BLK 24  $0.65 ea

# Notion Adj Strap BLK 1

# Notion Adj Strap BLK 12
# Notion Adj Strap BLK 24

5 1/2" Embroidery & Sewing Scissors with Curved Tip

Curved tips and fine points are the foremost features in this 5 1/2" Curved Tip Embroidery Scissor.

Made from durable Japanese stainless steel, these scissors get you closer to the surface. Double ground edges. Perfect for embroidery, thread painting and any project that needs to cut threads or layers of fabric close to one layer. Comes with safety cap. Comfort grips for beauty and style.

Order # Notion Curved Scissors
Price: $17.98 USD

Out of Stock

Lighted Seam Ripper With Magnifier

Accomplish all your "reverse sewing" quickly & easily with this lightweight seam ripper.

It has a 4X magnification lens that's 1.25" on a rotating arm and bright LED light so you can see even the tiniest stitches. Batteries included. 5 1/2" long.

Order # Notion Lt Seamripper
Price: $13.98 USD

Out of Stock

Hat Size Measuring Tape

A Hat Chart ON the measuring tape.

Hat sizes on one side and the corresponding inch measurements
on the other.  Loop on end and the abbreviated 27" length makes this measuring tape easy to use!

Order# Notion HS Measure Tape
Price: $4.95 USD

Click for a larger view

Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape

Self-adhesive measuring tape is removable and reusable. Place directly on Hat fabric, beadwork, curved and odd-shaped objects for accurate measuring. Fits standard tape dispensers - total of 25 feet in 12 inch sections.  Great for: Fabric cutting,  making patterns, use as a guide and to mark off on odd shaped objects regular rullers can't.  Use to get size from inside of hat without the measuring tape continually falling off.  *Removable  *Reusable  *No waste  *30mm Ruler within every 12 inch section.

Order# Notion Tape M H
Price: $4.50 USD

Out of Stock
Click for a larger view

Tape Measure

Size: 60" / 150cm

Order# Notion Tape M 60
Price: $1.00 USD

Out of Stock

Block Ties

Size: Regular(crowns) Large (brims)

Order# MISC Block Tie
Price: $2.50 USD ea. 3 pc. min.

Click for a larger view

Magnet Top Thimble

Color: Gold Aluminum

Order# Notion Thimble Mag
Price: $4.95 USD

Out of Stock

Click for a larger view

Click for larger view

Mask Elastic w/Barb (non-pointed barb - make your own hole)

Size: 10"
Color: Black (Out of Stock) or White (Out of Stock)

Order# MISC M Elastic
Price: 20 pc. White =$3.00 USD (Out of Stock)
or 100pc.=$15.00 USD (Out of Stock)

Out of Stock

Pattern Tracing Paper

Save Time And Money!Use to alter or make your own patterns.  Lay pattern on top of paper, then trace around it.
Smooth opaque white paper.  21" x 77 yds.

Order# Notion Pat Trac Pap
Price $7.98 USD

Out of Stock

Click for larger view

Hat Elastics (pointed barbs)

Description: Elastic with metal barbs at each end, used to hold hats on heads. 12" long, (30 cm)

Colors: White, Ivory, Gray, Brown, Black

Order# MISC Hat E
Price:  20 pc. $11.00 USD

Colors :

# MISC Hat E 100
Price:  100 pc. Bunch $42.00

Colors :

Click for larger view

Filigree Cone-Brass 40mm

Can be used for Bolo tips or for the bottoms of Bows

$.50 USD ea. or $.39 USD ea. per dz. min.


Foam Reducing Tape

Purpose: To reduce the size of a hat. Size:  3/16" x 3/4" x 25 feet.
2# UL-94 HF-1 Rated Polyurethane Ester Foam with adhesive one side

How to use:

Method One:  Cut two 2" strips and place sticky side under sweatband on each side.  If more is needed to make hat even smaller cut two more 2" strips and place at front and back of hat under sweatband.

Method Two:  Place sticky side under sweatband against hat for the entire length of the sweatband. 

Order # MISC Foam Tape 1
One roll $8.95 USD each

Order # MISC Foam Tape 30
One box $4.95 USD each roll, 30 rolls per box

lavender by the bunch

LAVENDER by the bunch. Photo with statue of Mother Mary shows 2 bunches. Your lavender will arrive in a cellophane flower cone wrap.

Wise woman hint: Many say that lavender keeps moths away.  Hats By Leko (hatsupply.com) keeps lavender in all boxes of felt for this reason. 

Graceful and Feminine:  Lavender evokes nostalgia or romance.  Lavender has long been a favorite flower and color of genteel ladies.  It suggests refinement along with grace and elegance.

Order # F Lavender Bunch
$6.00 USD per bunch (grown locally)


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