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Vintage Silk Maline

Veiling is cut to order and is non returnable.

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Maline – A very fine silk net of gauze-like texture.  Ben-Yusuf 1909.  Maline originated in Malines, Belgium.  It is a very soft mesh NET with a hexagonal construction.  Maline is available in silk on the market today but not in the great quantity that nets of manufactured fiber and cotton are found.  Judith Jerde.

Maline is Vintage from early 1900. I have not found any vintage silk Maline for sale anywhere in the world other than www.hatsupply.com to this point in time. Since it is silk and from from early 1900’s it is very fragile which is precisely what makes it so very cool. When using materials it is wise to do what the material does best. One can tear the Maline to make flowers and trim in the shabby chic tradition. It has a very beautiful effect.

In researching prices for Silk Maline I found that it has sold for up to $150.00 per yd. Because of it's fragile state we are selling it for $30.00 per yd. But for a limited time it will be sold at an Introductory price of $15.00 per yd. One yard min. order required. Remember to have fun with the fragility of it and experiment to make your own signature look.

Valentino uses Maline, note the Maline flower on the shoulder.

1 yards = 0.9144 meters
1 inch = 2.54 cm

Item # VEIL Maline
Price: $30.00 per yd.
Introductory Price:  $15.00 USD

Note:  Color swatches contain more layers of Maline for better color clarity.
Silvery Grey 01
Copper 03
Light Brown 04
Light Taupe 05
Light Grey 06
Green 07
Darkest Navy 08
Dark Navy 09
Hot Pink 10
Dark Charcoal 11
Light Beige 12
Dark Chocolate 13
Out of Stock
Black 14

Item # VEIL Maline
Price: $80.00 per yd.
Introductory Price:  $40.00 USD

18" Black 18" Wine 18" Navy
# VEIL Maline 1737 Black # VEIL Maline 2414 Wine # VEIL Maline AL202 Navy
18" Navy    
# VEIL Maline 29717 Forest    


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