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Hats By Leko would like to pay our customers to work for us helping to make YOUR businesses better.
We need you to bring to our attention NEW PRODUCTS that you want us to get for you. Bring us NEW SUPPLIERS, in the USA and in other countries. If we believe other customers will want the same product, we will go out and get it for you. We will also reward you for adding value to the industry as a whole. This is how Hats By Leko, www.hatsupply.com was built. You our customers are our BOSSus. Just about everything we sell we got because our customers asked for it. You are the experts in the field. So let us partner to make our worlds more FUN to work and CREATE in. Brainstorm with your colleagues.

Together, no matter what the economy does, we are strong. Together we can build our DREAMS. Together we are unstoppable.

Thank you for who you are and for allowing Hats By Leko help you take your businesses to the next level. In turn, thank you for helping to take our business to the next level.

Hats By Leko

What we need:
Example: If you want us to make a period bonnet, please send us 2, one to send to the factory, one to check the counter sample for accuracy when it arrives. OR, send us manufactures of items.  OR, send suggestions.

Send us your friends and colleagues.
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Send us whatever your wish list is so that we can be part of helping to make your dreams come true.



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