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Cleaning & Maintenance by Leko

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Lint Magnet- NEW

Cleans up mats after using a rotary cutter or Mat Smoother. No more wet rags or towels.  Try on felts too to clean up fuzz and lint left after blocking.
Order# Notion Lint Magnet

Price:  $3.10 USD

Out of Stock

Secret Spot Remover
Just a Drop Removes Blood, Oil, Grease, Ink, Grass, Make-up---Any Kind Of A Stain.Even works on paint. No need to scrub either and won't harm fabrics. Have you ever pricked yourself with a pin and bled on your hat? Or had a customer get make up on the sweatband of your hat at a hat show? This is indispensable when traveling. 2 oz. travel size.

“I was using spot remover and my dog disappeared!” Ha ha (Joke)

Order # Notion Spot Remove
Price $4.78 USD

Out of Stock

Cotton Picker
Keeps Fabrics Neat & Lint Free!Fits over your fingertips to instantly remove lint, fuzz balls, loose threads, dandruff, cat and dog hairs. Renews suede, felt and corduroy on shoes, hats and handbags. Will absorb water. 4" x 4"

Price $4.98 USD

Felt Hat Brushes
Colors: Dark or Light Bristle (Out of Stock)
Light Bristle to be used to brush the nap on light colored felts and dark to be used for dark colored felts. A must have in every hat studio.

Order # MISC Brush Price $9.50 USD each

Out of Stock



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