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Round Hat Boxes

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The gloss papers are water-based inks. Due to EPA requirements, much of the printing done (the white is printed on the paper substrate) these days is either water or soy bean based inks.

Hat Boxes Not Sold Individually


White Glossy Paper Covered.  4 boxes nested inside of each other to save on shipping.

14", 15", 16" and 18" by 6 1/2" high

Order # HB Ns White Nest
$115.00 USD per nest of hat boxes

Out of Stock

Order # HB Ns White Case

$449.95 per case
(5 nests, 89.99 USD ea. nest)

Out of Stock


Custom Made by Hats By Leko for you!

* Perfect choice for larger hats

Description: Large Glossy White Hat Boxes. Nested to save you money.

Sizes: 19", 20" and 22" Diameter by 9" high!!!

Order# HB Nt Lg White
Price: All 3 for only $145.00 USD

Hat Boxes Not Sold Individually

ACID-FREE (anti-tarnish) PAPER

Color: White - Don't forget to use our ACID-FREE paper to store your special Hats and collectable's inside of our Hat Boxes.

Size: 20" x 30" sheets

Order # MISC Acid Free 25
$8.00 USD per 25 sheet pack

This photo shows Hats By Leko's regular size hat boxes on top of our LARGE, LARGE, LARGE Custom hat boxes. Both sets will actually nest inside of each other! This will save so much on shipping and storing.


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