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Vintage French Veiling 18"

Veiling is cut to order and is non returnable.

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French Veiling is no longer produced, but Hats By Leko has acquired limited quantities of  this very rare veiling exclusively for our customers.

French Veiling is for those with discriminating taste.  The edges are soft so as not to distract from the face or hat.  The veiling itself is also much more discreet in comparison the hard edges of  "Russian Veiling " which is actually Made in Taiwan.  French Veiling is the only New Veiling now available in 18" width.

This is vintage veiling and is factory folded, therefore, you will need to press it using a clean damp pressing cloth and steam iron.  Never touch the iron directly to the veiling.

1 yards = 0.9144 meters
1 inch = 2.54 cm

18"  French Veiling

Diamond Pattern size is 3/8". Please note: All measurements were taken by hand and are approximate; slight variations may occur.

White, Champagne
1 yd min. $28.00 USD per yd.

Ivory (Just a few yards left)
1 yd min. $56.00 USD per yd.
This is the last of the French 18" Ivory, Champagne and White.  It will not be made again.

1 yd. min. $18.00 USD per yd.

Order# VEIL FR18

Black White Coffee Dark Green
# VEIL FR18 Black # VEIL FR18 White # VEIL FR18 Coffee # VEIL FR18
Dk Green
Golden Yellow Hot Pink Ivory Lilac
Golden Yellow
Hot Pink
# VEIL FR18 Ivory # VEIL FR18 Lilac
Peach Lt Pink Powder Blue Purple
# VEIL FR18 Peach # VEIL FR18 Lt Pink # VEIL FR18 Blue # VEIL FR18 Purple
Red Wine Champagne Dark Brown
# VEIL FR18 Red # VEIL FR18 Wine # VEIL FR18 Champ # VEIL FR18
Dk Brown
Out of Stock
Dark Grey Emerald Grey/Blue Burgundy
Dark Grey
# VEIL FR18 Emerald # VEIL FR18
Grey Blue
Cherry Red Cafe au Lait Lt Grey Navy
Cherry Red
Cafe au Lait
# VEIL FR18 Lt Grey # VEIL FR18 Navy
Royal Violet Yellow 18" Metallic Gold
# VEIL FR18 Royal # VEIL FR18 Violet # VEIL FR18 Yellow # VEIL FR18
Metallic Gold

Now available with Chenille Dots  in 18" French Colors.  If you receive the Chenille Veiling and decide you don't like the dots you may remove them but there is no refunds on cut veiling.  Please also note that the chenille is adhered to a wire so that we may cut and attach the chenille to veiling  to form dots.  They are NOT pipe cleaners and this chenille wire is very expensive, but are made in the fashion of pipe cleaners.

Chenille Dots in Colors: $26.00 USD per yd.
Coffee, Dark Green, Golden Yellow, Hot Pink, Lilac, Pink,
Peach, Powder Blue, Purple, Red, Wine, Dark Brown

Chenille Dots in Black, White, Ivory or Champagne: $32.00 USD per yd.

18" Black 18" White 18" Ivory 18" Champagne
# VEIL F18Dot Black # VEIL F18Dot White # VEIL F18Dot Ivory # VEIL F18Dot Champ
Out of Stock
18" Coffee 18" Dark Brown 18" Dark Green 18" Golden Yellow
# VEIL F18Dot Coffee # VEIL F18Dot Dk Brown # VEIL F18Dot Dk Green # VEIL F18Dot Golden Yellow
18" Hot Pink 18" Lilac 18" Lt Grey 18" Peach
# VEIL F18Dot Hot Pink # VEIL F18Dot Lilac # VEIL F18Dot Lt Grey # VEIL F18Dot Peach
Out of Stock
18" Pink 18" Powder Blue 18" Purple 18" Red
# VEIL F18Dot Pink # VEIL F18Dot Blue # VEIL F18Dot Purple # VEIL F18Dot Red
18" Wine      
# VEIL F18Dot Wine      

7 sizes of Raw Wire Combs

Description: Raw Wire Combs

Order# Comb RW

Sizes: 6, 12, 15, 18, 22, 30, 36 tooth

6 tooth = .75"

$3.00 USD ea. or
$2.75 USD
ea. dz.

12 tooth = 1.75" $3.00 USD ea. or
$2.75 USD
ea. dz.
15 tooth = 2.25" $3.00 USD ea. or
$2.75 USD
ea. dz.
18 tooth = 2.5" $3.00 USD ea. or
$2.75 USD
ea. dz.
22 tooth = 3.25" $5.25 USD ea. or
$5.00 USD
ea. dz.
30 tooth = 4.5" $5.25 USD ea. or
$5.00 USD
ea. dz.
36 tooth = 5.5" $5.25 USD ea. or
$5.00 USD
ea. dz.


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