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Quality Wool Berets

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Hats by Leko has carried Czech Berets for over 18 years. Only The Best.
Limited quantities in stock, don't wait. Don't be fooled by imposters.  Compare prices!
11 1/2" Czech Berets
Order # Berets
Price:  $16.99 USD each no min. or $16.49 USD ea. per dz.
NOTE: Colors will vary on different monitors.
Black Grey Winter White Marigold
(bright yellow on the orange side)
Out of Stock Out of Stock
Eggplant Purple Burgundy Dark Red
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Light Red Baby Pink Light Blue(Dior) Royal Blue
Out of Stock
Forest Green Olive (loden) Kelly Green Camel
Out of Stock
Taupe Cinnamon Heather Burgundy Heather Blue
Heather Black
Heather Grey Heather Brown Heather Camel
Hot Pink Orange Navy Brown

Hats By Leko also carries 11" Chinese Berets

Order#  Berets 11
Price: $9.50 USD ea. per dz. min. or $12.00 USD each no min.

Off White Black Navy Brown
Out of Stock
Ribbon Embroidered Berets

Multi-Color Embroidered Beret

Grey, Winter White, Black (SOLD OUT), Crimson/Burgundy, Taupe, Chocolate

Mixing colors is ok for dozen pricing,
but no mixing styles.

Order # Berets 6192
$26.00 USD ea. no min. or
$23.00 USD ea. per dz.

Ribbon Embroidered Berets
Winter White Grey Taupe
Chocolate Burgundy Black
Out of Stock


Red on Red, White on White, Black on Black

Mixing colors is ok for dozen pricing,
but no mixing styles

Order # Beret 11024
$26.00 USD ea. no min. or
$23.00 USD ea. per dz.

Winter White Red Black

Beaded Flowers with Ribbon Leaves

Red on Red, White on White, Black on Black 

Mixing colors is ok for dozen pricing,
but no mixing styles.

Order #Beret 11040
$24.00 USD ea. no min. or
$21.00 USD ea. per. dz.

Winter White Red Black

Head Hugger's

Mao Meets Paris in our 1930's style cloche. Form fitting beret

Colors: Black (Out of Stock), Dusty Pink, Off White

Order # Berets HH
$15.00 USD each no min.
or $8.50 USD each per dz, mixed colors ok.

Colors :

Children's Beret


SIZE 9 1/2 in these hats fit 6 years and up

We also have 11" berets (above)
that should fit older children!

Order # Berets CH
$12.00 USD ea. no min.
or $9.50 USD ea. per dz.

Off White
Out of Stock

Try This: Wet beret (hot or cold water) under tap. Put on crown block and pull down. Beret will stretch. But it will retain the inner band size. Then roll up. Voila, you now have a felt roller which will cover your ears for those cooler nights. You can also cut slits in the hat and weave ribbon through and then tie a bow so one size fits all. Have fun!
Our berets are thicker and made with such Old-World quality that they appear seamless. The inner edge is evenly formed and looks like an almost perfect circle. These berets are for those with discriminating taste! 
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